The annual indispensable spiritual feast

Hi, how are you? The day soon cold snowing outside, all of a sudden I still remember you.

How many years no see, your life is much more rain, or more than the clouds.

Outside is severely cold, the room is quiet and peaceful. Many years have no pen to write, suddenly feel that this is a luxurious and noble thing. This is there are many things waiting to do, just in the mind to resist them, stream down the heart of that kind of hazy true feeling want to write a letter to you again. Under state of mind at this time, the heart see many of the scenes, like in the dream, feel the beauty of this reality can only meet in a dream Dream beauty pro.

Want to give what you say, you tell me what they want to listen to, ah, this is a how embarrassed and ful fill the request. If only I could write immortal words, you won't forget. This is not a simple thing, I can only by feeling put pen to paper, the as petals, I can only by imagination she has some beautiful, but not by the delight and now she complained of her past.

Now although it was winter, but I always forget the spring of last year. See you in the past year in the spring? Now that I think about it, she like a naughty child. I naive thought what she would express is in a hurry and go to. Can when falling all sigh, took to the streets, but found that the cherry blossoms on both sides of the street are all warmly opened the beautiful skirt. I which dare to believe that this is true at the time, seemed to come out overnight miracle, do you believe?

Followed, but the wind dance around the petals, I just suddenly enlighted, more surprises in life, the life more beautiful. But I don't know them to the drop of performance, endurance, prepared a long, hard, also do not know whether you also feel their joy, more do not know you like me also moved by them, also sent sincere blessing? So hope you can come to see them HKUE ENG.

This year's autumn also ok for you, he has made you like the red maple leaf pain make you enchanted? This year I failed to see the maple leaf, chrysanthemum is just my balcony is opened. Now also miss Daisy when you send me the basin, in their young body, I saw a beautiful, read out a kind of wisdom, of the intelligence and beauty behind the heart has the infinite daydream. Don't know how did you know I like that little thing, perhaps you also love them.

Tell you something about the story of my balcony chrysanthemum. Every fall, I will save some time for them, don't forget to greetings to them day and night. As long as they secretly in the body, even if subtle, again I can notice, I will give them a smile to encourage. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to experience with them every time and moving moment, I couldn't go to the field for a week, every night before going to bed can imagine they are blooming, and steadfast sleep, daily so, the in the mind is as much a few minutes of caring and eager.

Come back of that day of, I got off the bus go straight to the home, come downstairs, see below chrysanthemum all zhankai flower beds, I am very excited, also don't hurry upstairs, I know my chrysanthemum in waiting? Pushed open the door, saw them at a glance, or last year, red, yellow, white, a no less, a childlike, like buxom beauty, more like a naughty boy. I had no time to put away the baggage, go up, one by one, kiss them, apologize for failed to take good care of them one by one. Every year, they make me happy, that is, when I think of you.

When that kind of feeling and to, I will not busy don't panic in build by laying bricks or stones a cup of jasmine tea, detail, watching my beloved chrysanthemum, side slowly memories again and again with your past, it has become my life indispensable spiritual annual feast Dream beauty pro.

Do you remember what year? You my life is hard, but you also do not forget to silently to help me and sent warm heart comfort, at that time, my heart still hesitant, is crying? Or laugh? Just think it's good to have so a friend. In those days, good days when I will smile, bitter also don't forget to smile, when everyone else is misunderstood my life, only you know I smile behind the bitterness. So you never say more, just spring comes, I'll be the first I heard from your mouth, close to the winter, I found the corridor with a bag of chopping wood. And you never thank me, quietly left. Good for you, my heart is not only grateful, there are more than the surging and gentle mood.

How many years no see, how busy your life ah, when can go to your house for a walk, see the scene, see the mood, also see the mood, can you? You are temperament middleman, I don't try so hard, if the rest of this life the fate can only write the letter, that such as the afterlife, I do women do is miss you, wait until that time, I also for you to pick a flower, and chopping wood for you, with gentle, with consideration to have this life owes you, but I know, I again how hard, also not too nuskin.

Ha ha, really hike up the snow outside, ok, forget it, forget it, and tears came out.