In order to dawn to awakening

Life colorful, we learned the replication of complex, originally should not, or can't talk tomorrow, I can't find export only expression, can not find to parry the essences of discourse, is without words, in the heart is read out, ever also through the watchful eye of scenery, ever also skip the edge of the tears, we can't find your harness in the heart, can't find the place of language, sometimes silently, silently waste every day, for it once youth, is already become inner slow, or become the hope of tomorrow, some people see through don't say, oneself can't catch, continued to waste.

Each person's personality in planning the knowledge, the ability of each person in planning science, some people, can use a person's moral thinking brain learning, some people a lifetime not a belongs to own books, as each raindrop strike in someone else's heart, often there are one hundred thousand people don't know, don't know if it is not sad, do not know is not helpless, don't know is their ability to won't calculation, we started looking at their marginal, but found himself unable to control the principle of many, Dream beauty pro can't control their own direction.

There is a dull from the heart, there is a kind of helpless from the foreign people, a lot of people are empty floating in the sky of the rain, is doomed to fall on the earth, and a lot of people gathered, but can't communicate with a lot of people thinking, when found deeds, we can't advance the time of preparing line, we can't change a lot of way of thinking to decide their own judgments, come down a lot of the time, not people don't help, is not brave enough, is his feeling of no struggle tomorrow, is unable to decide the heartbeat of life value.

Every time a long life, the dawn of every time to open the heart, think of yourself, asked the others, can't use other people's affairs as their own thinking to judge, can't take someone else's analysis rein in inner bridge, missing every moment, every day to give up, we can't communicate thoughts and feelings, still exist know places in the heart, the smile can't provoke struggle of courage, the helpless, can't help their thinking, other people's property is not to say goodbye with himself, is also not, waited and waited, just give yourself the heart to follow his dinner.

You is the voice of life, I am the other side of the sea, just waiting to see our communication, we meet each other only leave, to the wind, to the update, someone changed the bearing, somebody turned to accept, but there are no more people angry words, unable to express respect of friendship, only there is a song of fur, sing a lot of heart, but can't let those people into the lyrics inside, let alone to bear more of the lonely, form a monotonous dull, can't make a myth in the heart, just empty going to waste other people's heart.

A word, still cannot wait, can't listen to, lost in an Angle, in a city war made of thinking, will lost time, lose their human way, but don't forget that we must through suffering, edifies himself walls, or delay the starting point of departure, the start of each cycle will change the thought is agile, every time the end of the waste will change someone else's response, our need is very simple, listen to a little growth, see a little hope, conscious awake their beauty, let the sun's love, let the words thoroughly, into more soul.

A way, a kind of pattern, can decide is a retreat, Dream beauty pro can represent the inner struggle, don't forget to each the depths of the soul, don't go dancing on behalf of all words, maybe others don't agree with, might delay the next time the language communication, is supposed to make mistakes, or should find out the wrong way, every time our dredge, will delay some time, our every gathered around a lot, but we eventually in the future, is everyone in the same dawn, the same evening, together, unity must stick to it.

Will be a lot of, will not delay a reason, decided to an abandoned, communication every time, every time alienation, or we can use the information to have the heart to grow up with her, to protect our own thinking, do not delay the future of others, to think of it, can decide their own mistakes, there's no need to make others smile in tears, there's no need to make a wrong cycle to affect more waiting, we didn't make it for the first time, to make a mistake the second time, we are not in order to today's failure, and failure to continue to make mistakes next time.

Not everyone is the acceptance of risk, not everyone is accepted, may be the accumulation of a lot of gifts is to belong to someone else, maybe a lot of accident of fate because many predecessors, when we start dripping wet spring, when we decided to get out of the summer, don't forget, missing the spring saw was the spring of next year, again don't forget we have to accept the cold, must learn to tolerate, learn to respect others, tolerant each and every one, because we are human, because we have young was tolerant, inclusive, education, so should know more polite.

Live boring, boring, or helpless, decided to one's youth, may not decide one's future, but decided to accept a person, must be sure of a person's lifetime, maybe a lot of things, we can see through, but can't say it out, maybe a lot of things we can wait to, not to pursue our own dedication, is worried about, or unable to pay, maybe a lot of time to himself, but every time let yourself go to waste a day after day, still cycle time, but we could not find the value of life, the inner voice.

When young, make mistakes nobody tube, grow up right, must annoy others, is not education, relatives or without resolution, when a judge begins to appear, the other side of the analysis will be ten thousand interpretation, and we hear far less than one over ten million, because ancient people also have calculated the modern thought and education, and circular thinking mode again let oneself difficult, must have a lot of cool silence, a complete book, or a look not to finish his, is not necessarily people cannot control thinking, however, to life.

A lot of time, read the bridge can't see the reflection of the water, can't see the heart of tomorrow, the day to day, don't, one day will have enough to eat, wait a day wisdom will not feel hungry, that kind of boring and drab, that kind of feeling ignorance, let oneself life without thinking implicature, without permission of life, live in inside of the heart of the world, there are many thinking being circle a circle, circle a circle, will not be able to jump out of the life of the city, to dominate the formation of active, but never change yourself familiar with and can't leave the stranger.

Everyone will be old, that miss childhood world growth will be in other people's thinking, we understand is your own experience, but can't control his own story, we can say other people's fault, Dream beauty pro not speak his wonderful, perhaps is a word, a word, an inappropriate occasions, people can say of, is very won welcome, and on another occasion, we speak of a, is a laughingstock of the error, not others nobility, not others ability is strong, is their own way to answer without adjusting speed, is their own, their own lack of exercise yesterday.

Every life is so wonderful time, every word has several theories, but the speculation, we see a total ponder, opposition, and reasoning of story, and can pose many wonderful to say, only the mind communication to implement agile, complete the logic with judgment theorem to words, to close the heart apathy, blocked the silence of the time, to protect your growth, perhaps is because of the lack of mind reading equation, perhaps is because of the lack of exercise, the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division lost themselves, forget others tomorrow.

A person's behavior, a person's dignity, people value their own poor, someone sell yourself short of money, a lot of people watching the heart to seek interests, but a lot of people to protect themselves in the pursuit of the future, is that we cannot identify your future, or unable to repay the bonds of youth, perhaps every time lost cannot be in return for the money, maybe waste of a day can't pick up the talent, but still there are those who hold up their own future, the misunderstanding of others today, if you really, really care about their own future, thinking of someone else, tomorrow we don't have to be angry because a little thing, because time never give up on anybody to anger, anger also tomorrow can't through the tunnel today.

The white clouds in the blue sky has a smile, the ground water has been summoned, but our thinking is still in bed, the dawn the devil, to give up in the evening, when we look back on young, that is not compiled by the net, when we are old, kind coopeation will be a unthinkable sad, perhaps when old, young, weighing, their struggle, not their own waste, own sneakingly, will emerge in the mouth of others appear in the mouth of others, let oneself have no speech with rightness, if you don't respect yourself, others is correct, if others say not to think of itself as a treasure, and by the way, because when young talent cannot be prepared for them, the old can't prepare the language.

How many stories, such as how many lines, or tell their sentence sneakingly, uttered some of their folly, when published his own cry, tell their own helpless, that also need a kind of courage, a kind of can resist language, compile the instinct of the lines, actually listen to is a person, such as a person, is a man, we can do is, say, cannot say valuable, prophets, unknown, mental arithmetic, guess. We will do is to listen to, some can't refuse to hold up his heart, influence people life, blocking all words of the heart. Will, not chasing the ideal change, the equations of thinking will not chase, not jump frequency to thinking, etc.

Tell yourself with life, with the struggle to tell someone, it is not necessary to use nonsense to delay you listen, there's no need to use the pattern to delay the development of others, it is not necessary to use a kind of money to delay the rest of a few people, there is no need to waste with their own to let others follow suit, there is no need to let her start to the beginning of the end of others, it is not necessary to use all the skill to others, it is not necessary to use his temper bicker with others, it is not necessary to use its own formula and it is concluded that the other people's mistakes, after others addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in his own name.

Medium life

Afraid of you big eyes, was a little afraid of your mind's eye

Is afraid of all night long but life is short

Losing is a kind of pay

Has is a kind of satisfaction

Cherish when you have time Dream beauty pro hard sell

Don't have time to be a good analysis

If ten years later I still can like now work, life, that I how bad ah

Mixed words shouldn't most is; Here to have a better than words, is above, is next to the water, a cold one hot lose-lose

Do you really think that ten years later would you mix of very good, it's just your imagination, you really think that relatives and friends can help you? Maybe they mix is even poorer than you, life, Dream beauty pro hard sell will make the worst plan

A bowl of water side rough when I was down

Down and out fell into the river, this may be the best results

Good very good

The bad guys too bad Dream beauty pro

The most annoying bad not bad people

I did a bad not bad people

The annual indispensable spiritual feast

Hi, how are you? The day soon cold snowing outside, all of a sudden I still remember you.

How many years no see, your life is much more rain, or more than the clouds.

Outside is severely cold, the room is quiet and peaceful. Many years have no pen to write, suddenly feel that this is a luxurious and noble thing. This is there are many things waiting to do, just in the mind to resist them, stream down the heart of that kind of hazy true feeling want to write a letter to you again. Under state of mind at this time, the heart see many of the scenes, like in the dream, feel the beauty of this reality can only meet in a dream Dream beauty pro.

Want to give what you say, you tell me what they want to listen to, ah, this is a how embarrassed and ful fill the request. If only I could write immortal words, you won't forget. This is not a simple thing, I can only by feeling put pen to paper, the as petals, I can only by imagination she has some beautiful, but not by the delight and now she complained of her past.

Now although it was winter, but I always forget the spring of last year. See you in the past year in the spring? Now that I think about it, she like a naughty child. I naive thought what she would express is in a hurry and go to. Can when falling all sigh, took to the streets, but found that the cherry blossoms on both sides of the street are all warmly opened the beautiful skirt. I which dare to believe that this is true at the time, seemed to come out overnight miracle, do you believe?

Followed, but the wind dance around the petals, I just suddenly enlighted, more surprises in life, the life more beautiful. But I don't know them to the drop of performance, endurance, prepared a long, hard, also do not know whether you also feel their joy, more do not know you like me also moved by them, also sent sincere blessing? So hope you can come to see them HKUE ENG.

This year's autumn also ok for you, he has made you like the red maple leaf pain make you enchanted? This year I failed to see the maple leaf, chrysanthemum is just my balcony is opened. Now also miss Daisy when you send me the basin, in their young body, I saw a beautiful, read out a kind of wisdom, of the intelligence and beauty behind the heart has the infinite daydream. Don't know how did you know I like that little thing, perhaps you also love them.

Tell you something about the story of my balcony chrysanthemum. Every fall, I will save some time for them, don't forget to greetings to them day and night. As long as they secretly in the body, even if subtle, again I can notice, I will give them a smile to encourage. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to experience with them every time and moving moment, I couldn't go to the field for a week, every night before going to bed can imagine they are blooming, and steadfast sleep, daily so, the in the mind is as much a few minutes of caring and eager.

Come back of that day of, I got off the bus go straight to the home, come downstairs, see below chrysanthemum all zhankai flower beds, I am very excited, also don't hurry upstairs, I know my chrysanthemum in waiting? Pushed open the door, saw them at a glance, or last year, red, yellow, white, a no less, a childlike, like buxom beauty, more like a naughty boy. I had no time to put away the baggage, go up, one by one, kiss them, apologize for failed to take good care of them one by one. Every year, they make me happy, that is, when I think of you.

When that kind of feeling and to, I will not busy don't panic in build by laying bricks or stones a cup of jasmine tea, detail, watching my beloved chrysanthemum, side slowly memories again and again with your past, it has become my life indispensable spiritual annual feast Dream beauty pro.

Do you remember what year? You my life is hard, but you also do not forget to silently to help me and sent warm heart comfort, at that time, my heart still hesitant, is crying? Or laugh? Just think it's good to have so a friend. In those days, good days when I will smile, bitter also don't forget to smile, when everyone else is misunderstood my life, only you know I smile behind the bitterness. So you never say more, just spring comes, I'll be the first I heard from your mouth, close to the winter, I found the corridor with a bag of chopping wood. And you never thank me, quietly left. Good for you, my heart is not only grateful, there are more than the surging and gentle mood.

How many years no see, how busy your life ah, when can go to your house for a walk, see the scene, see the mood, also see the mood, can you? You are temperament middleman, I don't try so hard, if the rest of this life the fate can only write the letter, that such as the afterlife, I do women do is miss you, wait until that time, I also for you to pick a flower, and chopping wood for you, with gentle, with consideration to have this life owes you, but I know, I again how hard, also not too nuskin.

Ha ha, really hike up the snow outside, ok, forget it, forget it, and tears came out.

Missing pregnant women

The ex-boyfriend of a Maui woman who was five months pregnant when she disappeared in February has been indicted on charges of killing her and torching her SUV to cover up the crime.

Steven Capobianco, 24, was expected to be served with an arrest warrant Monday at Maui Community Correctional Center, where he has been held since last month in an unrelated case, said a person familiar with the investigation who spoke on condition of anonymity. The person wasn't authorized to talk publicly about the case.

A Maui grand jury on Friday indicted Capobianco on a second-degree murder charge in the death of 27-year-old Carly Scott, who has never been found.

Capobianco is the father of Scott's unborn child and has adamantly denied hurting her.

Family members last saw Scott in February at her sister's Haiku home. The Makawao woman's burned 1997 Toyota 4Runner was later found on the island's north shore.

Capobianco also was indicted on a third-degree arson charge.

According to a copy of the indictment obtained by The Associated Press, Capobianco intentionally or knowingly caused Scott's death "in an especially heinous, atrocious, or cruel manner, manifesting exceptional depravity" during the period from Feb. 9 to Feb. 13.

During that period, he also set fire to Scott's property, the indictment said.

Before the vehicle was located, police found Scott's dog in the nearby community of Nahiku. They later began investigating her disappearance as a homicide.

Capobianco has told Hawaii News Now that he saw Scott on the night her family says she vanished but he had nothing to do with her disappearance.

He said Scott picked him up and drove him to his pickup truck, which had broken down in Keanae. He said that after he fixed his truck, Scott was driving behind him, but he lost sight of her and figured she arrived safely at her destination.

Capobianco couldn't be reached for comment Monday at the jail, where he's being held on $500,000 bail on charges including terroristic threatening and prohibited deadly weapons. His public defender couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

The bench warrant sets bail at $2 million for the murder and arson charges.

Former defense secretary James Schlesinger dies

James R. Schlesinger, a hawkish and erudite Republican who straddled the partisan divide to serve in Cabinet-level posts under three presidents, has died, a Washington think tank said Thursday. He was 85.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies, where Schlesinger was a trustee, confirmed his death.

The onetime University of Virginia economics professor built an impressive national-security resume as defense secretary for Republican presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford and was the nation's first energy secretary under Democratic President Jimmy Carter. Earlier he was a top White House budget official, chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission and director of the Central Intelligence Agency — all under Nixon.

In later years, he served on a host of defense and energy-related task-forces and advisory committees and continued to push for more sophisticated nuclear weapons systems. He was a longtime member of the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board and was appointed by President George W. Bush to the Homeland Security Advisory Committee.

Schlesinger was "a remarkable public servant," said former Sen. Sam Nunn, D-Ga., who sparred with him as chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

"He left an astounding mark on American security and energy policy," CSIS said on its website. "After leaving government, Dr. Schlesinger continued to promote a stronger and more prosperous country through his work at many policy institutions, nu skin including CSIS."

The Harvard-educated Schlesinger gained a reputation as a perceptive thinker on nuclear strategy, advocating a retreat from reliance on mutually assured destruction as a means of avoiding nuclear war with the Soviet Union. "Deterrence is not a substitute for defense," he said.

Becoming defense secretary in 1973 at age 44, Schlesinger was well-liked among military leaders, consulting with them frequently and aggressively lobbying Congress for more money for the armed forces. His pro-interventionist foreign policy also brought him favor with the new-right coalition of the day. He worked to rebuild military morale and revamp nuclear strategy in the turbulent period after the Vietnam War era. He opposed amnesty for draft resisters.

But his bluntness and tenacity in military budget struggles made for often prickly relations with Congress and he clashed frequently with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. President Ford fired him in 1975 and replaced him with his White House chief of staff, Donald Rumsfeld.

"Schlesinger has been extremely ruthless and irritating," Kissinger confided to James Reston of The New York Times shortly thereafter. "I think the president just decided he had had enough."

But Schlesinger wasn't gone for long.

He was back in the senior ranks of government roughly two years later, serving first as Carter's energy "czar" and then as the first secretary of the new Energy Department, created amid severe fuel shortages and soaring prices spawned by oil embargoes and tensions with Iran in the 1970s.

Schlesinger easily made the transition from national security posts to overseeing energy policy, seeing many similarities and supplying Carter with the phrase "moral equivalent of war" for describing the national energy emergency nu skin hk.

That gave him some grief. "The phrase became abused later on, was misunderstood," Schlesinger said later. "The Wall Street Journal referred to it as MEOW and that caught on."

The pipe-smoking, sardonic Schlesinger sometimes exasperated his congressional critics, who viewed his frequent and often-lengthy congressional testimony as lecturing. He often drew criticism from Democratic and Republican lawmakers alike as he labored on the sidelines for months in nudging along Carter's multi-faceted energy program.

A House-Senate conference committee negotiating a natural gas pricing compromise proved particularly tedious to him. "I understand what hell is," Schlesinger said then. "Hell is endless and eternal sessions of the natural-gas conference."

But, with Schlesinger's help, Carter finally got most of his big energy program through the Democratic-controlled Congress, including strict new conservation standards, a since-expired tax surcharge on "gas-guzzler" autos and gradual oil and natural gas price deregulation.

In 1979, Schlesinger was abruptly replaced by Carter as part of a broader Cabinet shakeup.

"I told Jim Schlesinger it was time for him to step down, since he had submitted his resignation on two previous occasions," Carter wrote in his White House diary, which he published years later. "I offered him a major diplomatic post, but he said he couldn't take seven children overseas. We parted company in a very friendly spirit."

Carter eventually regretted his forced exodus of multiple Cabinet members, calling it "a mistake" on his part that damaged his reputation for competence and weakened the authority of those who remained.

Schlesinger was never one to mince words. He said he liked Carter personally, but felt he was "just not a natural leader."

"He had a way of discerning things that needed to be done, and yet he was a poor leader in that he did not know the arts of keeping the public with him," Schlesinger said in a 1984 interview with the University of Virginia's Miller Center presidential oral history project.

At the Pentagon, Schlesinger strove to keep the United States from falling behind the Soviet Union in conventional and nuclear forces. He promoted a nuclear strategy that called for precision in hitting military targets without causing huge losses of civilian life and outlined the importance of maintaining forces capable of surviving and responding to nuclear attack.

Pentagon-watchers saw Schlesinger as the rare defense secretary who put a priority on long-range strategic thinking.

"Incisive, brilliant, thoughtful," said Andrew Krepinevich, of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments. But he said Schlesinger had "little patience for people who can't keep up with him intellectually."

While at the CIA in 1973, Schlesinger was angered to learn that the spy agency had provided support to ex-CIA agents E. Howard Hunt and James McCord, who were convicted of burglary in the Watergate break-in. He ordered "all senior operating officials of this agency to report to me immediately on any activities ... outside the legislative charter" that barred the CIA from spying inside the United States.

The result was 693 pages of memos about spying on Americans, opening their mail and plotting to kill foreign leaders — made public in 2007.

Also, at Schlesinger's direction, a new highway exit sign publicly identifying CIA headquarters for the first time was hung outside its sprawling suburban Langley, Va., campus across the Potomac River from Washington. Previously, the complex had been disguised — not very convincingly — as a federal highway-research agency.

In his earlier stint at the Atomic Energy Commission, Schlesinger brought his wife and two of his daughters to Amchitka Island in the Aleutians to witness a 1971 nuclear-bomb test and prove to critics that it could be carried out without harm to people or the environment nuskin hk.

James Rodney Schlesinger was born in 1929, in New York City. He graduated with a bachelor's, master's and Ph.D. degrees in economics from Harvard.

From 1955 to 1963, he taught economics at the University of Virginia and in 1960 published "The Political Economy of National Security," a study of the economics of foreign policy. The Rand Corp. think tank hired him and later he became director of its strategic studies.

Schlesinger traveled through western Europe, Africa and Asia in 1950-51 on a fellowship. Some years later, he said, "I learned that the world was a very complicated place and that the narrow discipline of economics gave a narrow insight into the social life of man."

In recent years, he served as chairman of the board of the Mitre Corporation, a nonprofit defense contractor that operates federally funded defense research and development centers. He also was a counselor to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington policy institute.

He was also a senior adviser to Lehman Brothers until the giant U.S. investment bank collapsed in September 2008, an early casualty of the Great Recession.

In 2008, Defense Secretary Robert Gates picked Schlesinger to lead a task force that made recommendations on improvements in the handling of nuclear weapons. In 2009, he joined six other former CIA directors in asking President Barack Obama to end the Justice Department's criminal probe into the harsh interrogations of terror suspects during the Bush administration.

His wife, born Rachel Mellinger, died of cancer in 1995. She was a concert violinist and board member of the Arlington (Va.) Symphony. They had eight children.